Ghost Voices

Ghost Voices is about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and about my son Muggy who has pyridoxine-dependent seizures (PDS), and has been diagnosed as having ASD. He is not considered classically autistic or having Aspergers, but rather falls under the Pervasive Developmental Disorder—Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). He is also the coolest guy in the world.

    Broken Record  11.7 MB  4:53  Lyrics
    Children Of The Light  12.2 MB  5:05  Lyrics
    Depression  12.6 MB  5:15  Lyrics
    Fading Lights  24.8 MB  10:19  Lyrics
    Fail To Fire  16.1 MB  6:44  Lyrics
    Irradiated Brain Matter  13.4 MB  5:36  Lyrics
    Ghosts  ? MB  ?  Lyrics
    My Secret  23.8 MB  9:56  Lyrics
    Totem  13 MB  5:26  Lyrics
    Wasteland  ? MB  ?  Lyrics
    1000 Yard Stare  17.5 MB  7:17  Lyrics
    Alienation  21.1 MB  8:48  Lyrics



A fighter pilot in a dystopian future crashes his jet. His brain is surgically implanted in an armored robotic body designed to explore distant solar systems. His mission: make first contact with alien life.

200 years go by, and his optimism fades as he slowly spirals into insanity. Memories that had been erased with psychological conditioning begin to re-emerge, triggering feelings of rage and betrayal.

His unauthorized return to earth strikes fear into the remnants of the government that created him...

    Floating  11.9 MB  5:14  Lyrics
    Glitch  12.2 MB  5:22  Lyrics
    My Only Friends Are Aliens  12.1 MB  5:03  Lyrics
    Alien To Me  11.9 MB  4:58  Lyrics
    These Old Rocks  12.7 MB  5:33  Lyrics
    Driving In The Starlight  13.4 MB  5:36  Lyrics
    Head Over Heels  5.1 MB  4:17  Lyrics
    Am I Alive  12.2 MB  5:22  Lyrics
    Big Black Sky  14.5 MB  6:03  Lyrics
    Shiny  15.2 MB  6:40  Lyrics
    Ignorance Is Bliss  6.81 MB  2:58  Lyrics
    Memorial Day  16.8 MB  7:20  Lyrics
    On Fire  9.93 MB  4:20  Lyrics
    The Gardens Of Yokohama  18.2 MB  7:57  Lyrics
    Ladder To The Sun  12.0 MB  5:17  Lyrics
    Bad Decision  8.7 MB  3:37  Lyrics
    A Dream  10.7 MB  4:29  Lyrics
    Adrift  17 MB  7:07  Lyrics
    Egg  4.9 MB  2:04  Lyrics



The odyssey of Ulises Santiago, an undercover FBI informant from 1975 to 1985 until he disappeared shortly after his last covert operation.

Odiseo is a concept album sporadically recorded by Dave Ryder and Dan McHugh from April of 2008 until August of 2010. It is a modern day version of The Odyssey, with the songs and storyline reflecting the events that occurred in Homer’s epic poem.

    Black Light [Luz Funesto]  15.6 MB  6:49  Lyrics
    Cold in America [Frio en America]  11.3 MB  4:58  Lyrics
    Border in our House [Frontera en Nuestra Casa]  10.5 MB  4:37  Lyrics
    Bring It On Home [Traerlo a Casa]  6.8 MB  2:58  Lyrics
    LA Blues [Los Angeles Azules]  15.4 MB  6:43  Lyrics
    Some Animals [Algunos Animales]  11.2 MB  4:53  Lyrics
    Opposites [Opuestos]  8.2 MB  3:36  Lyrics
    meXico  15.6 MB  6:49  Lyrics
    So Far Down [Muy Abajo]  12.2 MB  5:20  Lyrics
    ESP [Percepcion Extra Sensorial]  15.8 MB  6:55  Lyrics
    Raise my Voice up to The Lord [Levantar la Voz a Dios]  11.1 MB  4:53  Lyrics
    Concrete Cowboy [Vaquero de Concreto]  11.1 MB  4:53  Lyrics
    Rime of the Ancient Mariner [Rima del Antiguo Marinero]  10.6 MB  4:38  Lyrics
    All My Loving [Todo Mi Amor]  8.1 MB  3:34  Lyrics
    Journeys End [Vajes Fin]  13.5 MB  5:53  Lyrics


The Basement Tapes

For several years I've been recording in Don Cole's basement studio with Don and Kent Hall.

This is some of the stuff we've been working on.



Brightest Skies

A collection of songs recorded from 2004 to 2006.

Kent Hall: Drums
Don Cole: Keys and Brass
Dan McHugh: Bass
Dave Ryder: Guitars, Keys and Vocals

    Suicide Girl  9.11 MB  3:59  Lyrics
    Roll On Down  8.95 MB  3:54  Lyrics
    Booty Skoot  8.24 MB  3:36  Lyrics
    Bat's Last Flight  10.9 MB  4:47  Lyrics
    Brightest Skies  15.9 MB  6:56  Lyrics
    No Man's Land  13.9 MB  6:06  Lyrics
    Angel  7.52 MB  3:17  Lyrics
    Eyes Of An Alien  8.40 MB  3:40  Lyrics
    Rain  8.84 MB  3:51  Lyrics
    Castle Ruins  19.1 MB  8:21  Lyrics
    Seven  12.7 MB  5.34  Lyrics
    Because  8.51 MB  3.43  Lyrics
    D.O.A.  8.54 MB  3.43  Lyrics
    Hollywood  11.9 MB  5:12  Lyrics
    A Love Like This  6.23 MB  2:43  Lyrics


Electric Man
[Outer Space]...12/31/99...11:35.P.M...ENTER ELECTRIC MAN...Moving at speeds beyond our comprehension, he nears our solar system.
[Los Angeles, Von Beck Observatory]...11.55.P.M...Leopold Von Beck, ancient astronomer broadcasts The Beacon, a signal he has been transmitting to the stars for nearly 25 years, in the hopes of contacting alien life.
[Near Earth]...11:58.P.M...Electric Man receives the signal, at first only faintly. As he moves towards it, it grows stronger.
[In Orbit]...12:00.A.M...Electric Man decides to answer the beacon. Instantly he enters the circuitry of the main transmitter, flowing through wires until he reaches Leopold in the control room. He enters into Leopold’s nervous system and mind...

    Electric Man  8.91 MB  3:53  Lyrics
    Crazy World  14 MB  6:08  Lyrics
    Walking On The Ground  9.57 MB  4:10  Lyrics
    Car Program  14.7 MB  6:26  Lyrics
    Syntax Error  12.3 MB  5:22  Lyrics
    High  6.85 MB  2:59  Lyrics
    2nd Sight  13.3 MB  5:50  Lyrics
    Out There  10.8 MB  4:43  Lyrics


The Black Side of the Moon

A mash-up combining the vocals of Jay-Z (The Black Album) and the music of Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon).

We Got Money - blends "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" with "Money".
Cant Breathe - blends "99 Problems" with "Breathe".
No Time - blends "Allure" with "Time".
Any Colour U Like - blends "Interlude" with "Any Colour You Like".
Never On The Run - blends "December 4th" with "On The Run".

    We Got Money  10 MB  4:22  Lyrics
    Cant Breathe  5.34 MB  2:20  Lyrics
    Any Colour U Like  9.62 MB  4:12  Lyrics
    No Time  9.59 MB  4:11  Lyrics
    Never On The Run  2.73 MB  1:11  Lyrics


Fringe Benefits

A collection of songs recorded from 1995 to 2000

The musicians:
Don Cole: Trumpet on tracks 1,2,3,4 & 5
Bill Clark: Guitar on tracks 1,2,3,4 & 5
Tommy Wilson: Drums on tracks 1,2,3 & 4
Dave Sweet: Drums on track 5
Ricky Ryan: Drums on tracks 8 & 9

    Cruisin  10.7 MB  4:40  Lyrics
    Hit  10.9 MB  4:46  Lyrics
    Stolen Moment  9.29 MB  4:03  Lyrics
    Bad Karma  9.87 MB  4:18  Lyrics
    Long Way Home  8.17 MB  3:34  Lyrics
    I Wrecked My Car  7.72 MB  3:22  Lyrics
    Big Life  9.42 MB  4:07  Lyrics
    The Path U Take  7.11 MB  3:06  Lyrics
    Thru The Looking Glass  6.73 MB  2:56  Lyrics
    Blessings  10.8 MB  4:44  Lyrics


Inner Travels

A man , whom we will refer to as the Traveller, suffers a massive brain aneurysm on his way to work the very day he decides to quit his job. Surrounded by the masses of humanity on a busy New York sidewalk he quietly collapses and loses consciousness. When he awakens, he finds himself in the midst of a vast desert. He doesn’t know it yet , but this is his SOUL. Years of neglect have turned his once lush, beautiful spirit into a wasteland.

My only true solo project, all the instruments and vocals are mine.

    Briefcase  10.3 MB  4:30  Lyrics
    Iraqi Mind Trick  13.3 MB  5:48  Lyrics
    Twilight  9.82 MB  4:17  Lyrics
    Ivory Jones  11.3 MB  4:58  Lyrics
    Enamel Camel  9.25 MB  4:02  Lyrics
    The Evil General  14.2 MB  6:13  Lyrics
    The Sand Monster  12.4 MB  5:27  Lyrics
    Pipe Dream  11.8 MB  5:09  Lyrics
    The Porcelain Prince  7.68 MB  3:21  Lyrics
    Oasis  11.8 MB  5:10  Lyrics
    Jade Monkey  13.2 MB  5:47  Lyrics


Barrett Station

During a period of time from around 1999 to 2004 we recorded a number of songs at a recording studio Dan McHugh and I built in the McHugh Daily building in Pacific, Mo., right next to the train tracks.

Kent Hall: Drums
Don Cole: Keys and Brass
Dan McHugh: Bass
Dave Ryder: Guitars, Keys and Vocals

    Deja Vu  11.3 MB  4:45  Lyrics
    Harbinger  8.6 MB  3:36  Lyrics
    Airwave  5.6 MB  3:55  Lyrics
    Conspiring With The Enemy  7.8 MB  5:27  Lyrics
    Rituals In The Dugout  9.61 MB  4:00  Lyrics
    Christmas Time  8.86 MB  3:52  Lyrics



Songs recorded for various internet personalities (like Chris Pirillo and Jessica Stover) and web things that interested me (like Twitter and Tumblr).

COMP has multiple meanings for me on this project: composition, compilation album, comping chords and compression to name a few.

    Tweetaholic  2.79 MB  2.02  Lyrics
    Tumblr [Social Creatures]  7.86 MB  5:17  Lyrics
    Typing What I’m Thinking To Everyone Reading  7.15 MB  5:12  Lyrics
    America is a place where all things are possible  4.71 MB  3:26  Lyrics
    Computer Go Bung  12.0 MB  5:17  Lyrics
    Gnomedex  7.41 MB  3.14  Lyrics
    Gnomedex II  3.79 MB  2:45  Lyrics
    The Chris Pirillo Show Theme  2.07 MB  2:16  Lyrics
    Gnomedex 2010  19.2 MB  8:24  Lyrics
    Jessica Stover Theme Song (Remix)  3.63 MB  2:38  Lyrics
    Kilroy Was Here  16.2 MB  5:17  Lyrics
    The Spill  3.63 MB  2:38  Lyrics


The 8 Track Tapes

I'm slowly dredging up the gems gleaned from the best of my old Tascam 38 8-Track recordings and putting them on this album.

Some of the musicians involved include: Chris Rose, Don Cole, Kent Hall, Dan McHugh, Bill Clark, Tommy Wilson, Tommy Hellman and Keith Halley.

    Z Bopus Quampus  16.8 MB  7:02  Lyrics


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