Jay-Z vs. Pink Floyd mashup: The Black Side of the Moon

Jay-Z vs. Pink Floyd
The Black Side of the Moon is a mash-up combining the vocals of Jay-Z (The Black Album) and the music of Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon). Produced by Dave Ryder, it is free to download.

We Got Money  10 MB  4:22  320kbps [audio:http://www.daveryder.com/download/blackside/We%20Got%20Money.mp3]
Cant Breathe  5.34 MB  2:20  320kbps [audio:http://www.daveryder.com/download/blackside/Cant%20Breathe.mp3]
Any Colour U Like  9.62 MB  4:12  320kbps [audio:http://www.daveryder.com/download/blackside/Any%20Colour%20U%20Like.mp3]
No Time  9.59 MB  4:11  320kbps [audio:http://www.daveryder.com/download/blackside/No%20Time.mp3]
Never On The Run  2.73 MB  1:11  320kbps [audio:http://www.daveryder.com/download/blackside/Never%20On%20The%20Run.mp3]

Info: I remember when Danger Mouse did the Grey Album and thought to myself, “how cool is that?”. A couple of days went by and I kept thinking about it until one day I was looking at a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon poster in the studio and a light went on in my head.

So for the next couple of weeks I mixed acid loops and reason and adobe audition and Jay Z and Pink Floyd like a mad fool until I had these mashups:

We Got Money – blends “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” with “Money”.

Cant Breathe – blends “99 Problems” with “Breathe”.

No Time – blends “Allure” with “Time”.

Any Colour U Like – blends “Interlude” with “Any Colour You Like”.

Never On The Run – blends “December 4th” with “On The Run”.

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