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Who are you?

Who are you? If you’re one of the greatest vocalists of one of the greatest bands of all time, you are Roger Daltrey, and today you turn 74 years old! I saw them at Busch Stadium August 11 1989 – sold out show 47,181. One of the greatest concerts I’ve ever witnessed, from the opening number to the encores the crowd literally jumped up and danced to hit after hit. The pot smoke was so dense and the happiness of the crowd was just amazing. A group of my friends and I rented a limo, and we just got blitzed and had a great night – we actually lost a friend, who we found passed out drunk in one of the bathrooms! Laughed about that for years, lol. Happy Birthday Roger!
Happy 74th Birthday Roger!

Happy Birthday Storm Thorgerson (2-28-1944)

In 1968, along with Aubrey Powell, he founded the graphic art group Hipgnosis. He created many iconic album designs during his career for so many great rock bands: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Alan Parsons Project, Yes, Black Sabbath, Bad Co., ELO, Robert Plant, 10cc, AC/DC, Paul McCartney, Genesis, The Police, and MANY more. Considered one of the greatest album covers of all time, his most famous album cover was The Dark Side of the Moon. A great talent and a really nice guy by all accounts. Check out his wikipedia page for more info, and his appearances in several Pink Floyd “Making of” documentary’s were very cool. He passed away 18 April 2013 (aged 69), but his legacy will live on. RIP, Storm.
The Dark Side of the Moon
“There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark…”