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McCain, I take it back: you ARE a fucking hero

HeroYesterday I was really feeling like the world was truly on a downward spiral, and I said some harsh things about Sen. McCain. By God, he showed his true colors (red, white and blue!) late last night – (from The Hill): “Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) provided the crucial vote against the last-resort Senate Republican healthcare bill released hours earlier, voting against it with fellow GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska).” You WILL go down in history as a true American hero after all. God Bless you, and the brave women who stood up to the Red bullies!

My Cynical World View

I dislike politicians. I don’t like Trump or Clinton, I made my vote for Clinton simply because of her left tendencies towards healthcare. I was, and still am afraid of what the Republicans will do to our health care laws, and my family NEEDS healthcare we can afford. There is no black or white in anything of this world, only various shades of gray. We all know Fox News and Breitbart are on the Red side (as if it’s a big sporting event), and CNN and MSNBC are for the Blue, because the 1% billionaires who pay their wages tell them to do it. Simple enough to understand.

Only it’s NOT a game. It’s literally life and death. And if the Reds get their healthcare bill passed, well 22 million people (more or less) are going to lose their health insurance, and are going to die early so rich people can get richer.

That is wrong. THAT IS WRONG.

Adolf Hitler only killed 6 million Jews (because ironically the Germans did not want the Jewish people to control all the wealth in the world). The new healthcare bill would sentence at a minimum 3x that many people to an early, painful death by comparison. At least Hitler was humane enough to gas them quickly, not make them linger for years without medical treatment. This is sickening. It is cruelty on a scale I have never before witnessed.

How did it get to this point? A nation divided, 1% of the population controlling 99% of the wealth in the world, and a political system that would make the drafters of our Constitution vomit? One word: ADDICTION.

Addiction to money and power, and control of the masses, and like all addictions the addicts themselves are helpless to change – they only want more of whatever drug (in this case the drug is POWER) they are addicted to, and they DO NOT CARE WHO THEY HURT, MAIM, STEAL FROM OR KILL TO FEED THEIR ADDICTIONS.

John McCain, a man I once admired had the chance to do something great today: He could have stood up to the Reds and done the right thing, one final act of bravery and defiance to greed and corruption and save countless poor people from a death sentence. May God have mercy on his soul, he caved and stayed true to his party KNOWING one of his final contributions to the USA could have given MILLIONS of worthy Americans the healthcare they deserve, the healthcare HE received so recently. Now they will be denied, and die, and their poor children die too, because he is on the payroll of the 1% that dictate who lives and who dies in this New World Order we now live in. Don’t be fooled – his net worth of over 21 million dollars, that is peanuts to the real movers and shakers.

For the second time in my life, I am ashamed to be an American – the first being last November when the Electoral College elected a power gluttonous, racist pig of excrement as President of the United States. I felt like it was a bad dream, I felt nauseous and disbelief. This isn’t real, this could not have happened.

I still feel that way every day.

I cry for the future of my beautiful, wonderful, disabled son. I lost my faith once before, when my mother died when I was a teenager from ovarian cancer, when I held her beautiful hair back so she wouldn’t get vomit on it as she heaved over the toilet bowl from the effects of radiation and chemo, and her hair fell out in clumps in my hand. When her vibrant smile turned into a skeletal rictus in a matter of months before losing her fight, a good fight she raged with the help of good healthcare insurance.

It was MY personal ‘Solar Eclipse’ – I felt I couldn’t see God, and I lost my belief, but over the years I made peace with it. And by finding my own family, a wonderful supportive wife and our beloved son I found my way back into the light.

Now I just don’t know. I’m in that dark place again where I question how a loving and merciful God can let the USA fall into a darkness like this, one from which we may never recover.

A solar eclipse is temporary, the light eventually returns – but I fear it may be too late for millions of good, deserving people who will be dispensed with like the useless trash the power moguls see us for. GOD HELP US. God…. are you there?

Dave Ryder
Catawissa, MO