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The Beacon Podcast

I’m going to start doing some podcasting soon, so I thought it would be nice to create a graphic for the show – here it is in all it’s raging glory:

Please respond to the beacon....please respond....

New contact form (Contact Form 7)

I wasn’t happy with a few things about my old contact form, so I switched to Contact Form 7. It’s pretty awesome – it allows me to use the askimet spam filter and CAPTCHA, which I’m totally digging.

Check it out: Contact Me.

So yeah, u kixors the ass Takayuki Miyoshi.

New Feedburner Syndication (RSS)

If you look to the right you will see that I have implemented Feedburner here on the old el website – it should help me keep track of the number of readers better, so if you have a minute sign up for the RSS feed – it’s very quick and easy (if you already subscribe to the old RSS feed you don’t need to do anything :-) feedburner is hip to that – at least I think it is, I will know more in a day or two).