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Spare him his life from this monstrosity….

Wallace and Gromit – Great Googley Moogley

On Nov. 4 Google celebrated Wallace and Gromit’s 20 year anniversary with this custom google image:

Cheese, Gromit!

Didn’t see it? Neither did anybody else in the states, Google decided to only put it up on it’s UK site (I think we got Big Bird or Cookie Monster – some kind of sesame street shit anyway)

Apparently when you clicked the link it took you to a wonderous, magical site featuring all kinds of cool Wallace and Gromit stuff, but now I’ll never know….bah

Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

Some things are too cool for words

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Me and Muggy, the greatest kid ever

my little buddy - what a great kid
My friend Paul took this pic, it’s awesome and I love it.

These go to 11

The XKCD genius again:
Wow, that's less than $200 per ... uh ... that's a good deal!
Alt text for our RSS hipsters: “Wow, that’s less than $200 per … uh … that’s a good deal!”

404 error: footprints

Click here to see the actual 404 page

*photo by Tom Rydquist

The first few comments are lol

Reddit: Do you ever sit in a conversation at a party and realize how much of human interaction is just cock-swinging? Its very depressing…


LockerGnome & Computer Go Bung YouTube

My friend Paul and I did this a long time ago, but it never really caught on. Then I boosted Paul’s vocals and basically did a complete remix, and now it seems to be having a resurgence in popularity :-)

DOWNLOAD HERE>> Computer Go Bung.mp3

What if Chris lived in a trailer? Hmmmm, even with the aid of photoshop, I have a hard time picturing it…

BTW, I should point out that Paul ( Powered by Code ) actually did almost everything on this song – he wrote and sang the lyrics, and found the reggae loop – all I really did was play guitar and record him and dub in some sound FX, so I should have posted that before and gave Paul the credit. Sorry about that, old chap :-)

Anyway, check out his site, he’s got some cool free apps there – I especially like TweetieSpy, it’s cool, it’s patiently sitting in my tray right now, alerting me to incoming tweets directed @daveryder.

Crotcher-head Snake

the eyebrows are a dead give-away as to the purely evil nature of this despised reptile

*mouseover text for RSS readers: “the eyebrows are a dead give-away as to the purely evil nature of this despised reptile”

Suh, I challenge you to a duel!

It is said that Otto von Bismarck challenged Rudolf Virchow to a duel. Virchow, who as the challenged party had the choice of weapons, chose two sausages, one of which had been inoculated with cholera. Bismarck is said to have called off the duel at once. heh.

The father of pathology: Rudolf Virchow

I vill pick ze sausage on ze left....