Some stuff I’m doing

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Hi Everybody!
I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff I thought you might be interested in, so let me jump right in:
First off, are you feeling cloudy? Mentally sluggish? Then get your B12! As most of you know, I’m personally very interested in the whole range of B vitamins, but this article concerns B12:

Also, I’ve been working on a landscaping project in my backyard, two terraced patios with a fire pit, so I thought I’d post some pics :) .

View from my back door.

View from the hillside.

Wall detail.

Close-up of the fire pit – I can see a lot of smores being eaten here in the next few weeks.

I also made a guard rail salvaged from old galvanized pipe from a trampoline, some 3/8″ cable and solar lights (2 bucks each at walmart) – total cost about $50 with the concrete:

Solar-capped guard rail.

So, as you can see I’ve been using a lot of bricks, here’s 1000 bricks with Muggy hamming it up for the camera:

Bricks in the truck, with ham.

In the truck, total ham.

Bricks unloaded. Hard fucking work.

We also got two new German Shepherds, sisters from the same litter, they are 1 year old. We originally called the first one “Lucky”, but Muggy called her “Lucky Kiki” so we ended up naming her Kiki, and naming her sister Koko. We got the first one in early June, and a month later we got her sister so she would have a playmate, and they absolutely love running around the woods together. Here are the hounds:

Smithers, release the Hounds.

Only thing is, they’ve been running over to the neighbors property, so we bought a fenceless system that shocks them if they go off our property. Unfortunately, now I have to bury 1000 ft. of wire. After doing about 150ft by hand, I created the Gouger 5000, a labor saving device that works pretty well actually:

Call now to order The Gouger 5000. Hurry, supplies are limited! (Bobcat not included)
Don Cole, Kent Hall and I have been rehearsing at Cole’s house: I was concerned about leaving my gear at his house, so to protect against burglars I built this Closet of Security +5. It has poisoned lock traps, as well as 240 amp shocking capability for unauthorized access:

Closet of Security +5. More traps per square inch than the Tomb of Horrors.
Well that’s all – I’m out l8r,
We’re on a mission from God.