This is a page where I list some of the more popular things (besides music) that people like to visit on my site, along with a brief description and quite possibly a lovely little descriptive picture.
Redemption Song 1. WordPress Plugins. Even though these are the simplest things ever, I get a huge amount of traffic from people reading about and downloading these tiny Hello, Dolly hacks - all I did was change the lyrics to a song (for ex. Redemption Song) and fix the CSS. Maybe it's because they are so simple, people are comparing them to the original Hello, Dolly plugin and figuring out how to make their own plugins? I dunno.

Do-It-Yourself Solar Swimming Pool Heater 2. Do-it-yourself Solar Swimming Pool Heater. Everybody likes this DIY instructable (which has been viewed nearly 30,000 times at Instructables.com), it is simple to make with some basic plumbing and carpentry skills and it works. :)

My fav comics 3. Dave's favorite comics. My favorite comics on one page, no ads or distracting office politics.

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