Alvin Lee and Todd Rundgren similarity

Kent commented that Alvin looks exactly like Todd, could this be a case of the two being


You be the judge:
He was turned to the Darkside as a baby in the cradle, drank whiskey from his baby bottle and his lullabys were Muddy Waters - no wait that was meA force for all that is good in the world and a certified member of the justice league

Well, if they were separated at birth, at least we know which one got the majority of the male chromosomes:
I get the feeling if Alvin saw Todd like this [if they had grown up as brothers], that Alvin would choke Todd to death with his own feather boa
Actually though the biggest clue for all of you rock and roll super-sleuths is the Big Red guitar – Todd was rarely seen playing a Gibson ES-335 (semi-hollowbody with F-holes), and Alvin never played anything else. Man I wish I had an ES-335 – ever since I heard Larry Carlton’s solo stuff I have coveted that tone.

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#1 Kent Hall on 03.29.09 at 5:10 pm

the best part of Todds costume os the little picture of HIMSELF on the “breastplate” thingy-LOL.

#2 Kent Hall on 03.30.09 at 8:35 am

I’m just thankful you never posted the picture of me in MY 1970’s stage breastplate and codpiece.
especially the codpiece! It covers my cod.