Happy birthday Donald Fagen

Probably the coolest, hippest cat to ever record rock music, the one and only Donald Fagen celebrates his 62nd trip around the sun today (and there is much rejoicing). Even better news for the hep cats hoping for a follow-up to the magnificent Morph the Cat, he will supposedly release another album sometime this year. Anytime Fagen releases anything I get excited, I mean how often can you buy music you haven’t even heard yet, and just know it’s gonna kick ass?

I'm Lester the nightfly Hello Baton Rouge Won't you turn your radio down Respect the seven second delay we use  So you say there's a race of men in the trees You're for tough legislation Thanks for calling I wait all night for calls like these  An independent station WJAZ With jazz and conversation From the foot of Mount Belzoni Sweet music Tonight the night is mine Late line Till the sun comes through the skyline  I've got plenty of java  And Chesterfield Kings But I feel like crying I wish I had a heart of ice Heart like ice  If you want your honey To look super swell You must spring for that little blue jar Patton's Kiss and Tell Kiss and Tell You'd never believe it But once there was a time When love was in my life I sometimes wonder What happened to that flame The answer's still the same It was you, you, it was you Tonight you're still on my mind

Lester the Nightfly

So if you’re into Steely Dan and want more info on Fagen’s solo stuff, start here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Fagen, you’ll find mucho info about his three solo albums The Nightfly (review from Jazz.com), Kamakiriad (review from Hi Fidelity Review), and Morph the Cat (review from Jazz Chicago.net). Then if you really want to dig deep I suggest the Steely Dan Database.

Here are some videos from Kamakiriad, I think Snowbound might be one of the strangest vids I’ve ever seen: http://www.clevver.com/music/video/24507/donald-fagen-tomorrows-girls-video-version.html

BTW yes that is a young Donald Fagen posing as Lester on the cover.

I was born yesterday When they brought my Kamakiri When they handed me the keys It's a steam-power 10 The frame is out of Glasgow The tech is Balinese It's not a freeway bullet Or a bug with monster wheels It's a total biosphere The farm in the back Is hydroponic Good, fresh things Every day of the year Good, fresh things Every day of the year With all screens and functions In sync lock with Tripstar This cool rolling bubble Is all set to samba This route could be trouble (This route could be trouble) Steamin' up That Trans-Island Skyway Tryin' to make that final deadline And if the lanes are clear We're gonna drive a little harder We'll be deep in the Zone by cryin' time Say, there's a wreck On the side of the road Lots of blood and broken glass The kid who was driving I know from somewhere Some kids just drive too fast Wait just a minute There's a beautiful survivor With dancer's legs and laughing eyes C'mon snakehips, it's all over now Strap in tight cause it's a long sweet ride Relax - put some sounds on I'll brew up some decaf C'mon kick off those heels ma'am Now breathe in and sigh out Let's get with the program (Let's talk about the good times) We reach the sprangle Just at dawn These little streets I used to know Is that my father Mowin' the lawn C'mon daddy get in let's go We pull into Five Zoos Past motels and drive-thrus That noon sun is blinding The tidepools are boiling Below plates are grinding (Let's talk about the good times)
A vast, ghostly cat-thing descends on New York City, bestowing on its citizens a kind of rapture.  High above Manhattan town What floats and has a shape like that Fans like us who watch the skies We know its Morph the Cat  Gliding like a big blue cloud From Tomkins Square to Upper Broadway Beyond the park to Sugar Hill Stops a minute for a latte’  He oozes down the heating duct Swims like seaweed down the hall He briefly digs your wiggy pad And seeps out through the wall  Its kind of like an arctic mindbath Cool and sweet and slightly rough Liquid light on New York City Like Christmas without the chintzy stuff  What exactly does he want This Rabelaisian puff of smoke To make you feel all warm and cozy Like you heard a good joke  Like you heard an Arlen tune Or bought yourself a crazy hat Like you had a Mango Cooler Ooh - Morph the Cat  He’s all the talk in shops and schoolyards Sutton Place - the automat Players playin’ in da Bronx Respect to Morph the Cat  Its kind of like an arctic mindbath Cool and sweet and slightly rough Liquid light on New York City Like Christmas without the chintzy stuff  So rich is his charisma You can almost hear it sing He skims the roofs And bells begin to ring  Chinese cashiers can feel it now Grand old gals at evening mass Young racketeers And teenage models Laughing on the grass  Blessed Yankees have an ally When this feline comes to bat Bringing joy to old Manhattan All watch the skies for Morph the Cat

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