Happy Birthday Tom Baker!

Tom Baker was my favorite Dr. Who – and it’s funny, I’ve heard it said over and over by everyone I’ve ever talked to whenever I bring up the subject: “Tom was the definitive Dr. Who” or “Tom Baker was the only Dr. Who I ever watched”.

He was simply magic – it was the role he was born for.

Anyway, Tom is 76 today! Here’s wishing you many more future birthday candles on your cakes. Here are some cool pics of the great Dr. in all his scarfy glory:

The good Doctor with Romana, another of my favs

This is very trippy, I remember seeing this at midnight on PBS with the classic music playing, it’s just great :) BTW the theme was created by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and was considered quite innovative, and was a significant influence on modern electronic music.

And here is a graphic of the Tardis I made a couple of years ago with Photoshop:

Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space

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