Ladder To The Sun

A long time ago my friend Paul Becker wrote some lyrics and sent them to me in an email. They kind of buzzed around in my head for awhile, until one day inspiration struck and I turned it into a song. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, I just cut a passable demo of it which me and Paul both liked, but I knew it could be a great song if I spent the time on it that a great song requires. Here are the lyrics:

I want to build a ladder to the sun
Climb it slowly rung by rung
Not fed up but fed the same
Can’t make sense but who’s to blame?

Sweat on brow tongue on fire
Thinking slowly I perspire
From exhaustion almost there
Trouble breathing losing air

Distant future leads the past
Stellar feature not as vast
Lunar feather taking flight
With the silence of the night
Sunbeam trawler running true
In the black out of the blue

Not to be – not to be
Not to see – talk to me
Gotta take it rung by rung
I’ve built a ladder to the sun
I’ve built a ladder to the sun

The finished product really turned out nicely, and will be available through iTunes, Spotify, Google Music etc. in the near future :)

For my linux friends I am posting A free oggg vorbis version soon*

And here is a picture of my good friends Paul and his wife Darla:
Paul and Darla, two of the coolest cats around

*This is in keeping with the promise of my previous post of making Ogg Vorbis files available, not only Mp3s. However, when I tried to save as an .ogg file with Adobe Audition, I found that the option wasn’t there. Now I knew I had done so in the past, but this being my new workstation it triggered a memory I had of having to load a filter into Adobe to save as .ogg, and after a bit of googling I found it:

The Ogg Vorbis File Filter by a guy named James Chapman. It is a nice bit of coding and is the easiest thing I’ve ever installed, so thanks James for the cooleditest filter :) (BTW, I have mentioned on this site how I despise Audition 2.0 and only use Audition 1.5 and Cool Edit — Audition 2.0 already has .ogg support so this filter is only necessary for Adobe Audition 1.x and Cool Edit).

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