LockerGnome & Computer Go Bung YouTube

My friend Paul and I did this a long time ago, but it never really caught on. Then I boosted Paul’s vocals and basically did a complete remix, and now it seems to be having a resurgence in popularity :-)

DOWNLOAD HERE>> Computer Go Bung.mp3

What if Chris lived in a trailer? Hmmmm, even with the aid of photoshop, I have a hard time picturing it…

BTW, I should point out that Paul ( Powered by Code ) actually did almost everything on this song – he wrote and sang the lyrics, and found the reggae loop – all I really did was play guitar and record him and dub in some sound FX, so I should have posted that before and gave Paul the credit. Sorry about that, old chap :-)

Anyway, check out his site, he’s got some cool free apps there – I especially like TweetieSpy, it’s cool, it’s patiently sitting in my tray right now, alerting me to incoming tweets directed @daveryder.

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