Computer Go Bung REMIX

My friend Paul and I did this a long time ago, but it never really caught on. Then I boosted the vocals and basically did a complete remix, and now it seems to be having a resurgence in popularity :)

DOWNLOAD HERE>> Computer Go Bung.mp3

Dam it feels good to be a gangsta! (BTW, this video doesn’t have anything to do with PC Go Bung, it’s just funny and represents PC frustration, represent. Vista suxors vexat, unless it is the Vista Cruiser.)

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#1 Don Cole on 02.12.09 at 4:26 pm

My My! What terrible language.

#2 Dave on 02.12.09 at 5:04 pm

well the gangsta clip, yeah – but the Computer Go Bung mp3 is nice and clean – totally Safe For Work

#3 angela on 02.21.09 at 6:53 pm

Now, those, my dear friends, are nerds.