Recording session

The entire band got together yesterday for a marathon recording session, and the results are pretty spectacular. I just finished listening to some of the raw, barely mixed playbacks and wow the guys were really on their game. Billy Clark has a new rig that had everybody raving about the tone and I guess savageness is a good descriptive word – I’ll see if I can get him to email me a pic and a description of it, he’s always been cutting edge with his gear and I’m sure it would interest a lot of guitarists out there in cyberland.

Actually me, Don and Dan got together the night before, so for us it was really a marathon session – we did a lot of the prep work like setting up, checking volume levels for the board and the PC inputs and getting the headphone and control room mix kind of set up (I say kind of because until the whole band is actually blasting through a number you can’t really be sure of the headphone mix – you just have to adjust it on the fly).

I forgot to take pictures of it (dammit) but here’s an older one of us recording – trust me they generally look pretty similar, only we usually wear rattier clothes and there are more beer bottles on the tables:
Getting primed.

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