Send the crew of the I.S.S. a postcard for Christmas!

We sent the I.S.S. crew a greeting card, and you can, too – just go here:
Here’s the one we sent (the back of it anyway – there are 4 fronts you can choose from, we picked the floating spaceman):
The back of the postcard we sent the crew of the I.S.S.

When you click the [SEND] button you get this message, which is cool – it’s like it’s actually uploading the card to the space station heh:
Uploading directly to the I.S.S. computers

Muggy said we forgot Hoppy (our dog) so we sent them one from her, too:
Arrrffff!! Arrrrfffff!!

Ha, my lame Ascii art reminds me of K-9 :rotate:

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